Sunday, June 27, 2010

And I'm proud to be in America, where at least I know there's cheese...

Hi all!  I'm back in the USA for my two month summer leave; thanks to those of you who prayed for safe travels.  Sometime soon I will tell you about the sweet girl in Beijing who helped me on my way.

I arrived in Cedar Rapids just before lunch today and was greeted by my parents and two friends from grad school.  We ate in Czech Village and then drove home to Cedar Falls, where we watched the USA beat Ghana.  (A little wishful thinking there.)  The rest of my day has been devoted to trying to stay awake until this very blessed moment: Bedtime.  9 pm.  Yesssssss.

So what does it feel like to come back after eleven months away?  I'm not sure.  I liked flying in and seeing gravel roads criss-crossing vibrant green fields and small Iowa towns.  The view from the air is as beautiful as any you could find in China (or elsewhere).  So far, I have noticed that the streets here are quieter, the toilets have more water in the bowl, and everything seems cleaner.  I am suddenly extremely literate and can speak the local language like a pro.  Near-native, even. 

I'm happy to see my parents, I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, and I wonder what this summer holds for me.

P.S.  There have been reports that my new blog layout doesn't work as well as the old one.  True?


  1. It's a cleaner look (which is fine by me) and I can't tell any difference in performance.

  2. Welcome home!!! :) I hope you are enjoying yourself! Also, the new (ish?) picture at the top of your blog is BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Thanks! That's because the Great Wall of China is beautiful in the springtime.