Thursday, June 24, 2010

Packing Awaits

I just got back from my teammate Lisa's book club farewell, which was probably my last hang-out with Chinese friends before I leave Qufu tomorrow.  The book club is a group of about 15 junior students, and I'm close with most of them after teaching them for a year and studying the Word with a few of them. 

The students are very sweet and funny.  For example, I was cleaning my apartment today, so I showed up wearing a baggy red T-shirt and a high ponytail.  I looked like I had been scrubbing toilets, which I had.  Apparently I should rock the cleaning lady look more often -- the students kept saying I looked younger and prettier.

Lisa's boyfriend, Merle, is visiting from China.  He is a music professor and gave the students a little living room violin concert (which they loved) and then taught them to sing a round (which they also loved, although their rendition was a little hard on the ears). 

The students went around and shared their memories of Lisa, who taught them for two years.  Lisa is a fun teacher with a big heart, and the students love her.  I enjoyed listening to them talk about making enchiladas with her in culture class, having a "wedding" in their classroom, playing baseball, going biking, and talking on banana "telephones" in class.  Lisa, you're great!  I'll miss you next year!

My train to Beijing leaves at 4:30 tomorrow, so all that's left to do here is clean and pack.  See you soon!


  1. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back to Iowa!