Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Quick Update

Hello, hello!  I've been home for about two weeks now, and I suspect that's all the time it takes to lose most of my regular readers.  But for those of you remain, here's a quick update. 

Home.  I have been getting reacquainted with Cedar Falls, Iowa.  It's been a long time since I've been here for more than a week or two at a time, and (sadly) most of my friends have scattered.  My activities at home include trying to get back in shape, reading, studying Chinese at the public library, talking to my parents, and admiring the beautiful Iowa sky.

To Do.  During my time at home, I want to accomplish the following:
1)  Support stuff.  I want to connect with supporters and share stories about China.  I also have some fundraising to do for next year.
2)  Continuing education.  I want to do my required continuing education hours for my speech pathology licensure.
3)  Feed my brain.  I want to keep working on my Chinese and also read some good books (like my current read: China as I See It by Pearl Buck).
4)  See friends and family, of course!

Mobile Alison.  My uncle has generously loaned me his car for the summer.  Yessssss.  I also have a phone now -- e-mail me if you want the number.

Family.  My grandma's health has been poor, so I have gotten to visit her twice and spend time with her and Grandpa.  I also attended family reunions both last weekend and this weekend, meeting hundreds of relatives I never knew I had.  Bryan, my brother, is home for the weekend and I'm driving him to the airport in an hour. 

Schedule.  Because of family activities and my grandma's health, I haven't settled on a travel schedule this summer.  Here's a tentative one:

July 12-16:  Cedar Falls
July 17: Cousin Katie's wedding (so excited!)
July 18-25:  Iowa City
July 26-Aug 1: Cedar Falls
Aug 2-3: Garwin
Aug 4-8:  Minnesota
Aug 9-14: Iowa City
Aug 15-24: Cedar Falls

And on August 25, back to China.  You'll be hearing more from me in the next couple days as I send out my last couple of updates from China.  I will also be putting up new China content on the blog.  Thanks for reading!

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