Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yak Meadow with my Family

This is the cable car that took us up to Yak Meadow, an hour outside Lijiang.

This is the precious 78-year-old woman I talked to for awhile after getting off the cable car.

And here we have some Chinglish:  "Please do not around."  But it was too tempting; we wandered off the trail, risking a livestock Wounding.

There were flowers and mountains and yaks:

There was an abandoned cabin which begged for us to explore it.

Bryan and Sachi walked over the crest of a hill, giving me one of my favorite photos of the trip:

And then it was time to leave Yak Meadow.  Spruce Meadow was calling our name, and we hopped another cable car to go visit the spruces.  Trees turned out to be less exciting than yaks, but the cable car was nice.


  1. This is some more great photography! I like the photo of the old woman and Emily in the cabin also, plus the lone mountain flower. Where else in China can you look this far and not see people?

  2. That's a good point (about not having people around). One of the nice things about Chinese tourists is that they tend to stay on the beaten path. We walked off the wooden path and over a hill, and then we were completely alone for the next hour.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Alison! I miss you!!!

  4. Hi, I love your photos and will be going to Yunnan in Nov this year. Is the cable car (without glass surrounding) scary?