Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sports Meeting: Athletics with Chinese Characteristics

Our freshmen and sophomore students spent the last two days sitting in the sun as the non-voluntary audience of the annual school-wide sports meeting.

Each department competes against each other in various track and field events, and they also practice big dance routines for the opening and closing ceremonies.  I went last year and this year to see a few events, watch the dancing, and hang out with my students.  I enjoyed it!  But then, I didn't have to follow the rules.

Check out my teammates' blog HERE for some great pictures of the event and a list of the rules.  I think you'll agree that between the daily required dance practices leading up to the event, the 3-minute maximum time for bathroom breaks, and the eight-hour days of forced cheering, being an audience member requires just as much as endurance as being an athlete.

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