Friday, April 1, 2011

Qufu Visit: A Guest Post by my Parents

My parents came to visit me in China!  They stayed with me for about a week, during which time my dad flew an old guy's kite and my mom ate cicadas and pig feet.  Now they have joined a tour group to travel around the country.  In the following guest post, my mom and dad collaborated to choose pictures and captions for some of their Qufu experiences.

We enjoyed 6 fantastic days in Qufu this week, getting a glimpse into Alison's life in China.  We loved meeting her team and students, experiencing Chinese hospitality at its best, and tasting many delicious foods that we never thought were edible.  A great experience, and we recommend it to anyone.

A warm welcome to Qufu

Enjoying Chinese hospitality

Pleasant bike rides in the country and villages

Observing life in the country

Being treated to a delicious meal by Alison's students

Catching a ride in one of many contraptions on 2, 3 or 4 wheels

Meeting interesting people and getting invited into their home


  1. Will try this posting again--obviously my computer skills are lacking in old age! Looks like all of you are having fun experiencing the "flavor" of the real China. Just don't be slipping any of those cincadas into your pickled pigs feet when you get home! Enjoy the trip and be safe.

  2. yaaay! :-) when's it my turn to come??

  3. Linda -- I'm sure Iowa has plenty of cicadas if you feel like giving it a try.

    Lisa -- Anytime!

  4. Wow! It looks like you parents had a wonderful time visiting you! What a blessing! I just got back from a month in India, visiting Lindsey and ministering. I experienced so much! You can check out my blog if your internet allows...