Friday, April 22, 2011

All my Eggs in One Basket

This is a story about a girl, a bike, and a mission.

The girl: Me.
The mission: Find white eggs for my egg-dyeing activity.

Most eggs sold in Qufu are brown.  I usually get mine from a little stand in the East Market, where I put six or seven in a plastic bag, they weigh it, and I pay.  Last week I somehow accidentally chose from the double-yolked egg crate (which I didn't even know existed), and all the eggs I used that week had two yolks.  But I digress.

The East Market eggs are strictly of the brown variety.  So I had to go to the campus grocery store to try my luck.  Last year, the only white options there were duck eggs, but this year, they have small white chicken eggs!  They are sold in netted bags of 15 each and I never paid attention to them before because they're more expensive.

I got two bags for a total of 30, and then the question was, "How can I get 30 eggs home without breaking them?"  No egg cartons here -- just egg on egg.  I decided to put them in my metal bike basket.  I gingerly mounted and started my careful ride home, keeping an eye on my precious cargo. There they were: egg on egg, egg on bag, bag on metal.  

Ten minutes later, I was back at my apartment with 30 perfect eggs.   

And that is the story of how I put all my eggs in one basket... and won.

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