Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Free Talk: Qufu Biking

Last Saturday a few sophomores joined me for a Qufu bike outing.  We went to Yi River park, which I have visited many times, and then one of the students took us to a different park that she had stumbled upon earlier this year.

Two of the girls had never been to Yi River.  They were amazed by the dock. :)

Phyllis introduced us to this small park.

We loved the flowers!

Me and Mavis

The requisite beautiful-day-in-the-park wedding couple was there too.


It was a nice day to be out, and I enjoyed exploring some new places with these girls.  The students generally do not get out much in Qufu, so the two who had never gone to the river park were in a constant state of amazement.  I heard one say to the other as we biked home: "Today I saw a whole new Qufu."

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