Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Parents, As Described by an Admiring Student

From a student journal last week:
My classmates and I met Alison’s parents, Bob and Joan in our college.  We are very happy.  Bob is very kind and humorous.  I am sure he is definitely a good father.  And Joan is so beautiful and elegant that we girls can’t help envying her.  Bob and Joan tell us their family in the USA.  How big it is!  There are so many relatives that they can’t remember all their names.  So they will put a namecard on their garments.*  A wise idea!  Bob and Joan love each other very much.  They have been married for more than 30 years.  They are romantic, too.  In China, there are just a few couples who got married years ago still celebrating their wedding anniversaries.  But, Joan and Bob do that.  How romantic it is!  Personally speaking, celebrating wedding anniversary is a good way to maintain harmonious relationship between husband and wife.  I wished I could be happy and beautiful like Joan in the future.
 *My mom showed them a picture of a recent family reunion with over 100 people from her side.  This received probably the most comments in student journals.  Other top mentions were my parents' youthful appearance, how much they love each other, the fact that my mom had the same major as me and my sister, and the fact that my parents are traveling the world and enjoying themselves instead of saving their money.  Haha.

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