Saturday, April 30, 2011

Candy and Rabbits and Eggs -- Oh My!

Last Saturday, my team put on an Easter-themed culture activity for the sophomores.  We all teach at least one section of sophomores, so we have a strong connection with this bunch.

First, we hid a bunch of real and candy eggs outside the department while Tarah distracted everyone inside.  When she gave the go-ahead, all students broke loose.

Hiding eggs outside our teaching building

Easter egg hunt!!!

An egg hunter and her prey

Students and eggs.  The fourth girl over looks a little underwhelmed.

Sophomores gather around to see the special prize for the finder of the "Winner!" egg

Winner!  The crowd erupted when we revealed the prize, just as you would expect a bunch of typical American college students to do in the presence of a large stuffed bunny.  Wait, maybe not. :)

After the hunt, we introduced them to a few old-school egg games.  First was the egg toss (a funny, messy affair), and then the egg carry.

Egg toss

Ready for the relay

Finally, we all went back inside to watch a clip of an Easter video, learn about some Easter traditions, and listen to Tarah sing "My Redeemer Lives."  It was another fun evening with our wonderful sophomores.

Me getting ready to show some family Easter photos

Tarah's beautiful song

Happy Easter!


  1. Are all of your students girls?

  2. Not all, but at least 90%. English is not a popular major for guys in China.