Saturday, March 13, 2010


I spent two years at a little school in Iowa called Wartburg College.  Once a year, on the last nice day of summer, the whole campus would be awakened by students running through the hall, pounding on doors, and screaming, "Outfly!!!"  Then you'd stumble out to the victory bell and join the whole college for a surprise day off.

Sadly, Qufu Normal University does not have Outfly.  But I just got something almost as good: a surprise week off!  The freshmen just informed me that they do not have classes next week because they are doing "manual labor" for the college.  Apparently, they will be cleaning their classrooms and dorms.  (Need something done cheap?  Round up some students; they work for free!)

Since I'm only teaching freshmen at the moment, next week is class-free for me, too.  And that is why I am updating my blog instead of polishing up my lesson plan for Monday.  Happy sort-of-spring-break to me!


  1. Surprise week off! I would think that would top a single day off in any competition :) Happy Spring Break to you my roommate in China!

    PS - I recently told the MadLib story regarding being unable to get you out of my neck, my voice box being in my throat, and how you will scandalize me always.

  2. Ah, but it's a surprise week off in Qufu, a city with about one day's worth of interesting activities. No, that's too harsh, but it still can get a little dull here, especially when I don't have classes to teach. So real Outfly is better. :)