Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fourth Floor Soundtrack

It's 8:50 on a Saturday night and I'm sitting at the table with my laptop and some Dove chocolates (thanks, Mom!).  Four freshman girls (all roommates) came over for dinner.  At one point, one of them asked me if many Americans date while they are in college, and what do I think of this problem?

The girls left about an hour ago, and now my apartment is the only quiet one on the floor.  Strains of music are coming from Tarah's apartment next door.  First, it was Tarah on the keyboard leading a group of students in a rendition of "When you Believe."  That gave way to a string of several off-key karaoke favorites, including the ever-popular "Take me to your Heart."  Each song was followed by enthusiastic applause and cheering, which is a standard response in China no matter how ear-shattering the performance.

Lisa's apartment is by far the liveliest tonight.  She invited all of the sophomore English major boys for a hamburger and movie night.  I'm not sure what they're doing now, but every few seconds another wave of loud laughter explodes through the fourth floor.

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