Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gypsy Soup

 Today for team lunch I made gypsy soup, combining the joys of sweet potatoes, savory seasonings, and the ability to be made in China.  Thanks,!


  1. Looks can be the cook when you get back this summer! (and that's only 18 words.)

  2. I would love to cook if you provide the full range of cheese and butter. (15 words... now 19)

  3. um, you lentzes are crazy. :-)

    The soup looks picture perfect! I was thinking that someone needs to publish an "Eating from home in China" cookbook. Using what you have to taste at least something "from home".

    You could be a millionaire!

  4. I would love to read a cookbook like that! If I wrote it, it would only have about 10 recipes in it. :) (and gypsy soup would be one of them... mmm)

  5. I enjoy the word limit posts... How are you counting contractions?

  6. I'm counting everything I can as one word (like web addresses, hyphenated words), because it's hard to whittle it down to 26. I hope I haven't miscounted so far.

    And I should clarify my above comment: The reason I would only write a 10-recipe "home-cookin' in China book" isn't because I'm a recipe elitist. I'm just not that good at home-cookin' in China, so I don't have much of a repertoire yet.

    Thanks for your comments!