Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From the Archives: Superhero Skits

With nothing terribly exciting happening around here this week, I thought I'd dig back and share a few photos from last semester.  In my freshman oral English class, we did a short unit on heroes.  First we discussed national heroes (Abraham Lincoln, Deng Xiaoping, etc.), then we discussed personal heroes (my grandparents, their parents, etc.), and finally... superheroes!

Each group of students had to create a short skit in which a superhero saved the day.  Because they were required to use our class vocabulary about character traits and personality traits, we had some wonderfully unnatural bits of dialogue:  "Wow, Master Panda, you are so brave and responsible!" 

Most of the students used familiar Chinese characters like the Monkey King and several others I now forget.  This wasn't exactly what they were supposed to do, but hey -- I learned a bit about some common Chinese story lines.  Although, I could never quite tell if they were saying "Master" or "Monster," so I often was surprised to learn halfway through the skit that the character I thought was the villain was actually the superhero.  I digress.  Here are some photos.

Aren't they precious?  *Sigh*  I love teaching freshmen.

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