Friday, March 12, 2010


Two years ago this week I was finishing my first outplacement, taking comprehensive exams, and going to interview at the hospital for my first job.  I can still see myself sitting in the clinic lounge trying to remember all the cranial nerves and cursing myself for never having properly learned developmental language milestones.  Finishing comps was one of the happiest feelings I ever experienced as a student. 

Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center student lounge

Now I live in China and sometimes forget that I ever was a speech pathologist. 


Two years from now, I might very well be back in the U.S. thinking about cranial nerves and language milestones once again.  Or I might not.  Who knows what the future will bring?

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  1. You are literally in two different worlds since 2 years ago! It will be interesting to see where you will be 2 years from now!
    Love you, Mom