Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Movie Night

Our junior video class had their first movie showing tonight: Father of the Bride.  The purpose of video class is to teach advanced listening, speaking, and culture through American movies.

All four sections (about 130 students) sat in wooden desks in one of the large classrooms to watch the movie.  It was so fun!  These students are every movie-maker's dream come true -- they laugh at every joke, "aww" at every touching moment, and gasp at every unexpected event.  My favorite part was when the girl's fiance was introduced in the movie.  When he made his appearance, a little ripple of happy surprise went through the room.  So dreamy!


  1. Did you have popcorn? Hard to watch a movie without it or go to a ballgame without a hot dog. Now I will have to add catsup spaghetti to my "to eat" list if I go to China!
    Back to the movies . . . are you also reading any of the books that sometimes go along with the movies? Know that we have a class in school called "Contemporary Literature" that watches the movie and reads the companion book. tell me if you could use something for your classes.

  2. No popcorn, sadly.

    We aren't reading any companion books with our movies, since primarily it is a listening/speaking/culture class. Thanks for thinking of it, though. :)

  3. I'm glad to hear that you are selecting realistic American culture movies. Our wedding was exactly like the one in this movie, if I remember correctly. I'll have to ask Linus