Sunday, September 20, 2009

Everything you Never Wanted to Know about Alison, Part 4

A few fun questions from students:

"Would you give us an interesting and special writing class?" (That's a tall order!)

"What are the days of American college really like?  Is that the same as High School Music -- a movie?"  (Yes, exactly.)

"Do you want to live in China, get marry, give birth to a baby in China?" (This one cracks me up.)

"As you love traveling, do you have something that you like to take with you when you travel to another place?  (Something special, not toothpaste.)"  (Actually, since you can't get it in China, my Aquafresh toothpaste is pretty special to me.)

"Can you feel or smell the difference in air between Iowa and China?"  (The air feels and smells almost the same around Qufu.  But can you SEE the difference in air between Iowa and China?  Yes, yes you can.)


  1. Haha sounds like your students have the same suspicion (or hope?) as Grandma Lentz in #3! ;)

  2. That third one sounds like a marriage proposal. Bravo! I kind of suspected you had ulterior motives for going to China... Alison Wang actually sounds kind of good!!

  3. Sounds like your students are curious and a lot of fun! Oh, is that toothpaste comment a hint?! :)