Sunday, September 20, 2009

Everything you Never Wanted to Know about Alison, Part 2

A Common Student Question:  What do you think of China?

Variations: "What's your impression of China and Qufu City?"
"What is your impression of China through your traveling?"
"What's your first expression of Qufu?"

My usual response:  "I like it!"

China captures my interest.  It is funny, infuriating, amusing, confusing; developing but staying the same, moving forward but looking backward.  I (usually) like the uncertainty and mystery of living here, because it keeps me questioning.  And, of course, I like the food.

As for Qufu, it is a small-ish, quiet city with a 3,000 year history.  As far as I know it, I like it.

Qufu's city wall, which encompasses the town center


  1. Since the international "football" is actually soccer, you can tell them you have definitely played football. As for your home town, don't forget the famous Cattle Congress, and John Deere tractors...I'm sure there are a few of them in China.

  2. Nice "chew-out session" Mr. Lentz! Someone has to keep her in line!