Sunday, September 20, 2009

Everything you Never Wanted to Know about Alison, Part 3

A Common Student Question:  What's the deal with speech pathology?

Variations: "Why do you come to China instead of doing the job related to your major in America?"
"Would you like to explain some detail information about your major?"
"What do you think about your major?  Do you like your job in the hospital?"
"Why do you choose to be a foreign teacher in China and what's the relationship between your major, speech pathology, and an English teacher?

On the first day of class, I told my students that my degree was in speech pathology.  You've never seen 30 electronic dictionaries whipped out so fast!  The field is practically non-existent in China (except maybe in the big cities), so they have no idea what it is.

I loved my job as a speech pathologist at the University of Iowa Hospital.  My degree is only distantly related to what I am doing now, but my knowledge of linguistics and pronunciation do come in handy sometimes.  Maybe I will return to speech pathology someday, but for now I am content as an English teacher in China.

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