Friday, September 9, 2011

First Week in Rizhao: A Photo Review

Getting ready for classes to begin...

Enjoying Rizhao's famous blue skies (This is outside my apartment building.)

Team building! This is my new team -- two older ladies, a family of four (the kids are 17 and 11), and two younger ladies (me and my roommate Sara).

Cleaning out our apartment, filled with spices and boxes and random stuff of ages past

Checking out the beach, just a 15 minute bike ride from our homes.
So the first week went well and we're all starting to feel more settled, but I still haven't gotten out to explore very much on my own. Of course, now I'm actually at the end of my second week in Rizhao, but that's how long it took my Internet to allow me to post five photos of the first week. Ah... life in China.

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  1. ooooo! the beach. looks wonderful. :-)

    good to hear from you!