Friday, September 16, 2011

Recent China Links

This week there have been several China items that have caught my eye on the web:

First, a couple from
  • A Chinese Student on 9/11 translates a brief interview with a Beijing student who expressed happiness over 9/11 but still wanted to study and live in America.  (My opinion: His view is offensive but partially understandable.  Also keep in mind that he would have been just a kid on 9/11/01.)
  • A Village... translates a political joke circulating on Chinese blogs.

Next, a wife speaks out about domestic abuse at the hands of her famous Chinese husband by posting pictures of her bruises on the Internet.  Articles here (Li Yang ... Accused of Domestic Abuse by Laowai Wife) and here (When a Woman Dares to Say "He Hit Me" in China).  (I suppose we can't know for sure that her claims here are legitimate, but in any case these posts highlight some concerns about un-checked domestic violence.)

Next I'll share two separate projects that are chronicling the opinions of young Chinese through photographing them with posters of their thoughts.  "What are Young Chinese Thinking About?"  includes a wide range of people and topics.  "What Chinese Youth Say About Sex" takes on a more specific topic, obviously.

Finally, this may be a good time to re-plug the weekly e-mail update that is my main source for general Chinese news: ZGBriefs, available at


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