Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photos from the last few weeks

It's been awhile since I shared any photos on here, so here we go:

Sara and student Clementina, who helped us buy storage containers at Sun City shopping area

If you've lived in China, you know exactly what this store specializes in.  Any guesses?

Random Rizhao intersection

Sara and I had KFC with her students to thank them for their help with the storage containers (which we took into the restaurant, as you see).

Robert & Clementina

Mid-Autumn Festival was a couple weeks ago.  These are mooncakes, the traditional food for the holiday.  (I think Mid-Autumn Day is kind of like our Thanksgiving; you gather with family and eat a big meal.)

Freshmen walking in university town during military training.

Tailor in Shi Jiu market

Shop selling qipaos, traditional Chinese dresses

Free talk with juniors

Freshmen during class.  I take a picture like this of every student so I can put them on photo cards and start to learn names.

Sophomore free talk

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