Monday, September 12, 2011

The Alison Guessing Game

You may recall last year's post "Me through students' eyes" in which I introduced myself to a new class of students by bringing some objects related to me and having them write a biography based on those objects.

This year the objects I brought to my first day of writing class were:
  • A globe (love travel)
  • A Bible (love Jesus; love to read)
  • A Frisbee (like to be outside)
  • Hot peppers and chopsticks (like Chinese food)
  • A University of Iowa sweatshirt (home state; alma mater)
  • A photo of some hands making the sign for "I love you" (I like learning languages)
  • A photo or two of my family, one at my brother's recent wedding

Here are a few favorite quotes from the student bios about me:
"Our English teacher Alison is a very kindness person. She likes animals, especially her pet, a lovely dog. She likes playing flying object with him every day."

"She seems to be a british by her appearance."

"She was good at geograph when she was in her middle high school."

"Alison Lentz, a Christian, from Iowa, the United States. She's quite an interesting woman who enjoys global traveling and making friends."

"She missed her days in America, her pet, friends, and family. Back in America, she and her family used to play frisbee with their pet. Luckily, her days in China are not bad, though. She is with her husband and children. By the way, she is a huge fan of Chinese dishes, especially spicy food."

"Her hobbies are playing with her dog who loves catching a frisbee, and watching rugby games. She has pictures of rugby playing encouraging each other before a game and a wedding picture of a famous rugby player."

"Can I say you are a gourmet? You must have been to many countries, and try many kinds of delicious foods there."

"When she entered the junior high school, she joined the baseball team and got a uniform. They played and trained together as one team."

"She likes playing a game using the ..."

"She likes thrilling movies like spiderman and she has joined in a movie club and took a picture of the classical gesture with other members."
I will leave it to you to figure out which item is being referenced by each of these guesses. And apparently I've been mistaken all these years in thinking Frisbee is a game for people and not pets.


  1. Hello Alison,

    I came across and enjoy your blog.
    I 2007 I was one of a group of photographers who were in Rizhao for a week documenting the area. You can see what I did with the trip here
    In 2007-08 there was a woman from California who worked as a teacher in Rizhao. She wrote a series of articles on her experiences for a Gannet publication. I can't find a link to the stories now. It was a very cold winter.

    Good luck.

    Frank McMahon

  2. Thanks for the link. Always nice to know more about the city I'm living in.