Sunday, March 6, 2011

Travel Review: Foto Favorites

Calcutta: Bike rickshaw, multilingual sign

Calcutta:  Colorful pedestrians

Calcutta:  Moment in time at the flowermarket

Calcutta:  Pre-dawn rickshaws and empty streets

Fatehpur Sikri: Mosque gate

Fatehpur Sikri: Ghost town at sundown

Jaipur: Scene through screen at Amber Fort

Jaipur:  Nutty observatory

Jaipur:  Fabric for sale at market

Chiang Mai, Thailand:  Treetops and me

Ubud, Bali:  Dancing on coconut coals

Bali: Coffee beans

Bali:  Mallary with waterfall mist

Indonesia:  En route from Bali to Gili Islands

Gili Islands:  Beach walk

Gili Islands:  Sunset

Lombok:  Rice paddies

Lombok:  Horse cart

Lombok:  Gorgeous coastline

Lombok: Forest and stream

Lombok:  Ladies at work

Senggigi, Lombok:  Local children at beach


  1. Nice pics, my only question is why you kept patronizing the flower market... aren't the guys supposed to buy YOU flowers?

  2. Awesome pictures! I now want to go to Lombok. :) Also, that last picture is so fun! - those kids are adorable.

  3. Were you zip-lining in the trees in Thailand, or what were you doing up there?

  4. Bryan -- Good point. Men of the world, take note.

    Emily -- Yes! I think that's my favorite photo of the whole trip, partly because the kids were so cute and excited, and partly because the you can see the curvature of the earth on the ocean surface.

    Karen -- Yes! We went ziplining. In 2 years in Thailand I've done just 2 touristy things. Last year I played with tigers, and this year I went ziplining (which was by far the most fun).