Saturday, March 5, 2011

And the Winner is...

Back row, L-R:  Most Active, Best Transformation over the Winter Holiday, Most Lovely & Best Skin, Best Painter
Front Row, L-R:  Sunshine Sister Award & Most Warm-hearted, Best Singer, Most Talkative, and Best Wife
Yesterday we had our "Academy Awards" in public speaking class.  Each team had to create an award, decide who to present it to, and write a one-minute speech of presentation.  Then the winners had to give an impromptu acceptance speech.  Some memorable moments:

"Most Talkative" was won by a girl named Zoe (who hardly ever speaks in my class).  In her acceptance speech, she said that she loves to talk all the time, even though her oral English is not good and her oral Chinese is also not good.

When Karen accepted the "Best Wife" award, she expressed surprise that she "had a family and didn't know."  I think they meant to call it the "Best Future Wife" award.

The winner of the "Best Skin" award expressed thanks that her parents made her eat so much fruit.  Then she admitted that she does indeed have beautiful white skin.

Good times teaching here in Qufu.

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