Friday, March 11, 2011

Day in the Life: Friday

Q:  What do I do all day here in China?
A:  Sit around in the coffee shop drinking fruit tea.

At least that's what I did today.  Every day is different, and today was nothing special, which makes it a perfect candidate for a "Day in the Life" type of post.

7:16:  Asleep.  Received a text message from my teammate: "Are we meeting for prayer this morning?"  Turns out 3/4 teammates were snoozing in bed at the time of the text, which made for a sleepy-eyed prayer meeting.

8:00:  Checked e-mail, surfed Internet, decided against taking a shower.  Last minute class prep.

9:30:  Biked to department.

10:10-12:00:  Taught public speaking class.  Today's topics:  Managing Stage Fright, Writing Outlines

12:00:  Lunched with my teammate.  We went to a restaurant we have nicknamed the "Clean Restaurant" (because we don't know any restaurants' actual names).  At one point I looked around at the dingy walls, the grayish floors, and the vegetables being peeled before my eyes in murky basin water, and wondered how I got to a place in my life where I would call this "clean."

1:30:  Biked to Qufu's sole coffee shop.  Drank fruit tea and worked on lesson plans and powerpoints.  Downloaded YouTube videos.

5:30:  Biked home.  Rush hour in the bike lane!

6:50:  Made macaroni and cheese, courtesy of a package from home.

7:00:  Crashed my teammate's TV night with her students.  Enjoyed three episodes of Modern Family.

9:00:  Made copies, bought pens and crackers.

9:30-now:  Read blogs, made flashcards, drank strawberry drink.

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