Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Wedding in the Family

On December 30, we celebrated our first family wedding. Bryan and Sachi got married!

In celebration of this auspicious event, my writing students had written short notes to the newlyweds. Most of the notes expressed some combination of the following sentiments:

1. Congratulations!
2. The bride is beautiful and the groom is handsome.
3. Patience and respect are important qualities in a marriage.
4. Have a baby soon.

A few students gave more specific advice, such as suggesting that the couple take a long walk every evening (preferably accompanied by a dog, which will make it more interesting). Another student thought the ceremony would be more romantic if Bryan started by singing a song. Then "Sachi comes in with her beautiful voice. But they sings together. Then the ceremony begins."

For some reason, Bryan and Sachi ignored that particular piece of advice, but I think the wedding was successful anyway. Here are a few photos:

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  1. love your and Emily's dresses! :-) you all look great! I'm so glad you were able to be there.