Thursday, January 20, 2011

In India

I arrived today in chaotic Calcutta.  It's the first day of a 12 day stay in this crazy, colorful place with a few others from my organization.  It is anything but underwhelming.  Today's goals: Buy a long skirt or loose pants, find a grocery store.  Tomorrow's goals: Find Mother Teresa's mother house, register for volunteering, eat more Indian food.


  1. Wow...India. Am looking forward to hearing about your experiences there. I've never been.

  2. YES! Colorful ... a word I would use to describe India. Literally colorful.

    Hope you enjoy!! (Oh, and isn't the food amazing!?) Yummy!

  3. Lisa -- yes! Colorful is the word for sure. I am loving the food, especially all the different cheeses, the sweet lime sodas, and the mango lassis!