Thursday, January 13, 2011

More New Mexico

Anyone want to move to New Mexico?  I'm hoping perhaps one of my friends or relatives will re-locate there so I have an excuse to go there again (perhaps when it's a little warmer).  Volunteers?

You've already heard about my brother's wedding, which was the main event in Albuquerque, but my family had a few free days to enjoy other attractions as well.  My parents were with us for a lot of these, and then my sister and I stayed a couple extra days after they left.  A few highlights:

Albuquerque's Old Town, which included this historic church, the wonderful Church Street Cafe, the International Rattlesnake Museum (which we sadly did not tour), and lots of local crafts
Rocking out on my uncle's player piano in El Paso
Riding up the Sandia Tramway to view Albuquerque by night

Hiking through Tent Rocks National Memorial, also featured in the sun-bathed photo shoot of a previous post
Driving around gawking at beautiful local landscapes in the Jemez Valley
Passing on the opportunity to soak in the historic hot baths filled with mineral water from this spring

Clambering around in the Soda Dam
Enjoying snowy mountain trails
Driving through the Gilman tunnels
Testing our cartography skills and travel memories over a hot, greasy Dion's pizza


  1. I am not proud of that map. But let it be known that the growth misproportion of Florida is all your fault.

  2. Wow I just looked at this comment again. *gross misproportion*.

    OK speech pathologist, can you identify what kind of speech error I made? :)

  3. haha. wondered what that meant. and i would venture to say you made a substitution error.