Wednesday, December 1, 2010


If you were returning from a family wedding, what gift would you choose to give your foreign teacher?
...some "Happy Family" candy?

...some cakes?

...or perhaps a nice pack of cigs?

The correct answer? All three! My student presented these to me after class yesterday. She said she knew I probably wouldn't use the cigarettes, but she wanted me to see the character on the front. (I think she said it was xi -- anyone know?) It might be my favorite gift I've received in China.

In an unrelated gifting, I also got a decorative plate yesterday. Teachers are often given a token of appreciation when they help out with student events. I had supplied some composition topics for a writing contest, and so I got this lovely plate. It is unique among the other tokens of appreciation I have received in that I actually think it's kind of pretty.

You can thank me later for posting this flattering shot on the web for all to see. :)


  1. The character on the cigarettes is xi. In fact, it's two xi's, meaning double happiness. May you be happy everyday!

  2. Oh.. Now I see that it says ShuangXi -- makes sense. Thanks, Jenn! Wish you happy everyday!