Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yoga and Other Nonsense

The Internet went out in Qufu for a few days. Wah wah. Now it's back. Shoo-be-doop!

Xi'an pictures are coming soon.

Yesterday I went to yoga for the first time. There were about 40 Chinese girls there (mostly students) and me with my teammates Tarah and Mallary. The instructor's voice could soothe a baby to sleep, and I didn't understand a word of it. I became newly aware of my long and gangly arms, which had my knuckles dragging on the floor when everyone else's fingertips barely brushed the mat. Mallary's students took care of us: "You can wear your shoes now." "Don't forget your bags." I wouldn't mind going back sometime.

They are finally fixing our roof, which has been allowing far too much water into our apartments these months. Soon they will re-paint the damaged walls. Goodbye, mildew. Tra la la!

Today there was some sort of carnival on the paved yard next door. I saw: pop-bottle bowling, old people playing darts, a long-pole game I didn't understand.

The weather was perfect.

Some students came over, and one of them had made me a beautiful Chinese paper cutting with this hand-written message: "Alison: Happy everyday! May God bless you. Emily."

I made enchiladas. None of the four students had ever wielded a fork, and they had a hard time. One guy had his mangled enchilada spread out over the whole plate, much like a dissected frog. Ole!

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