Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Welcome to Part 2 of my Xi'an adventures. After the first day wandering around the city by myself, a bunch of friends from my organization arrived. Excellent.

Scenes from in and around the Seven Sages Hostel:

Twice we went walking through the Muslim Quarter, where you can find meat on a stick, art, dried fruit, and zillions of people. We also ate one of the local specialties, yang rou pao mo.

We went to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, an army of soldiers who have been busy for centuries protecting the grave of a dead emperor. They are famous for being individually crafted, each one different. (There was also an army of tourists there, and even getting into the restroom required a bit of a fighting spirit.) The highlight of this excursion was eating Subway sandwiches.

We biked on the old city wall at sunset. This was awesome! It took us an hour or two to get around the whole thing. It was bumpy and dark. The view of the city was great, and the wall was lit with beautiful lights and red lanterns.

We saw the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which was in the neighborhood of some other important attractions (Papa John's and Dairy Queen, for example).

We played Settlers of Cattan:

And then I went home. Thus ended my favorite trip so far in China.


  1. Awesome photo tour! The people pictures are great. And which way are those buses going?

  2. Amazing photos and it looks like everyone had a great time!

  3. Great photo journal--think you will have lots of visitors after sampling your adventures! I like the "jumping" picture--my homeroom always wanted me to take pictures of them jumping and we had a lot of fun catching just the right elevation!

  4. Love love love the photos. Soooooooo glad you all had such a great trip.

  5. Linda - Yes, many a jumping picture was taken. One could argue TOO many.

    Dad- Good question. The buses are going everywhere. The train station (which also has buses) is just outside the wall. We ate at that McDonald's on the corner before catching our bus to the Warriors.