Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Five Things

Five things you can do in America that you can't do in China:

1.  See stars.*
2.  Drink tap water.
3.  Put things on the ground.
4.  Walk on the grass.
5.  Blend in.

Five things you can do in China that you can't do in America:

1.  Roll up the bottom of your shirt in hot weather (only men).
2.  Disregard driving rules.
3.  Eat out for under a dollar.
4.  Push and shove.
5.  Ask someone's salary.

*At least, I rarely see stars in Qufu.

Any others?


  1. Things you can do in America #6:
    Put your clothes in the dryer

  2. haha. haha. you make me laugh. this was good. love comparing things.

  3. Jenn, #6 is a good addition. I dried my jeans when I got home and they finally fit.

    I thought of more stuff you can do in China: get around using only public transport. And put trash on the table and floor, and go for the gold when your nose is stuffed up. And you can share food freely. And buy drinks in plastic bags.

  4. Yep...spit, slurp and China of course ;)