Monday, July 19, 2010

Writing Class Essay Topics

The following are the verbatim titles of my writing classes' final argumentative essays:
  • Chinese college students should not get married
  • College students should have the right to fire the unqualified teachers
  • Colleges should forbid students living outside campus
  • Not to take the examination for certification
  • Should the Chinese government build more railways?
  • Who should pay for young people's house?
  • Qufu Normal University students should save water
  • China should make human flesh search legal
  • Top students go to postgraduate school
  • The college entrance exam should not be abolished in China
  • Abortion should be banned
  • The university should not send students' grades to their parents
  • University lovers should not cohabit
  • Should university students in China go in for business?
  • It is time to change the one-child policy
  • Should middle school students be allowed to use cell phones in school?
  • China should keep the college entrance exam
  • Qufu Normal University should permit students to ride bikes on campus freely
  • Students in middle school should wear uniforms
  • The one-child policy should be abolished
  • Senior high school students should not watch too much TV for entertainment
  • Living off campus
  • Students should not keep a dog in the dormitory
  • Should people talk with strangers in the train?
  • One-child policy or two-child policy
  • The college entrance examination: to be abolished or not
  • Ask mom or dad for help?
  • Schools should provide computers or TVs in classrooms
  • The young should not purchase new houses on their own
  • The death penalty should be abolished in China
  • The cohabitation of college students
I like to think that the chosen topics give us insight into some of the issues that Chinese college students consider important. 

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