Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Spring is finally here and life lately feels full of friendship, fellowship, and new experiences.  Last weekend, my teammates and I spent a retreat day at the Confucius forest and cemetery.  Then we went to the local hostel and ate french fries.  The next day my teammate and I hopped on our bikes for another foray into the countryside.

Our university had a school-wide sports meeting yesterday and today, which gave us lots of time to enjoy the nice weather and hang out with our students.  No class!  I went to a local Confucius theme park with some juniors yesterday.  Today, two girls came over and taught me how to make some Chinese dishes.  Then I had a Chinese lesson with my adorable tutor.

New restaurants, new parks, studies of the Word, bike rides, lesson planning, dinners with students and friends...  These are good days in Qufu.


  1. I love your pictures! It's interesting how much spring in China looks like spring in Iowa----fresh, green, with colorful blossoms....
    Love you, Mom

  2. The cherry blossoms helped a lot, but otherwise, I think spring is much prettier in Iowa. :)