Friday, April 30, 2010

More about the Confucius Forest

Last October I visited the Confucius forest and cemetery ("kong lin") on a beautiful fall day.  It was wonderful.

But if I thought kong lin was a gorgeous natural experience in the fall, I had no clue what spring would bring.  The trees were shining with the green-gold of sunlit baby leaves, and the ground was an undulating ocean of purple flowers.

*Sigh*  Beautiful.  The forest is just north of old Qufu, which you can see in this screen grab from google maps:

The old city is just north of the "A" -- you can see it outlined by the old city wall.  The forest is at the top of the picture, also outlined by a wall.  Look at how lush and green it is compared to the surroundings, and how big it is.

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