Monday, April 19, 2010

Freshman Goals

In my freshman oral English class, we did a unit on talking about the future.  One activity was to make specific, measurable, attainable goals for their years in college.  Here is a random sampling:
  • pass the National Computer Rank Exam
  • read 1000 books
  • look thinner
  • have a dog
  • improve my spoken English
  • improve my written English
  • learn several English songs
  • win a scholarship
  • learn Korean
  • go to grad school in Beijing
  • pass my level 4 and level 8 exams
  • travel to Hainan
  • make some good friends
  • finish reading the Bible
  • lose 3 kg in 2 months
  • teach Cambridge English
  • read 8 pure English novels
  • be an English tutor in the summer
  • write beautiful English essays from beginning to end without changing a single word
  • enrich my life
  • become a volunteer
  • learn Japanese
  • get a driver’s license
For each goal, they had to write a three-step action plan.  Here's my favorite:

Goal: fall in love with a boy
  1. take part in some activities and find out the boy who suits me
  2. find more chances to talk with the boy
  3. find a right time to express my feeling

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  1. What great goals! I think learning Korean and Japanese in their years of college is ambitious. Your favorite is probably my favorite as well... :)