Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free Time in Beijing

A true representation of how I'm spending this week would have lots of photos of training sessions in the RuYi hotel and twice-daily meals with my team.  But I haven't taken many such photos so instead I'm going to subject you to a few outings in one of the coolest cities in the world.

Olympic Village at Night
Never gets old.

Eleven of us went to the village and couldn't get a cab from the subway to our hotel so we negotiated a ride with the driver of this van.  It is the second most packed vehicle I've ever been in.

Church at Gangwashi
A couple teams went to the Gangwashi church on Sunday, which was a good experience.  The choir was singing beautiful, traditional music in harmony (which I've never heard in my limited Chinese church experiences) and the message was about spiritual sleepiness.

Houhai with Student Friends
Lisa and I were able to meet some of our former students in an area called Houhai, which has some small lakes, lots of touristy traditional alley architecture, and bars lining the streets. 

Chinese chess in various stages of dress

Drum tower

Rabbit eating tofu

Photos by the lake

Students and supper

Ridiculous purses for sale

We saw the tourists out in rented boats and decided to try it.  It was a fun memory with our students!


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  1. Such great photos, Alison. Love that you have had opportunities to connect with Qufu students in Beijing!