Friday, July 27, 2012

A Visit Home

This is Mr. Li and his three children:

He is one of the trainees in my class this summer.  Since he is a local, he thought it would be a good experience for a few of the foreign teachers to come to his house for dinner.

I am so glad he invited us.  I already knew that he is fasting for Ramadan, so I was curious to see how dinner would be handled.  As it turns out, we ate and they watched.  (Mostly Mr. Li.  His wife and mother were in the kitchen preparing food and his girls were running in and out of the room.)

Here are a few photos.  His house is out on the edge of town down a little side street with a bit of a mountain view.   He and his wife and girls sleep on the big kang bed in one room, there's a huge guest room, and then his parents and son share another room.  Everything was new and really nice; they had just re-built the house a few years ago.

Garden on the left, house on the right, mountains beyond

Solar teapot heater

Mountains of fruit

Mr. Li's wife with my teammates in the guestroom where we ate our meal


Mmm... dumplings.  Notice the fork -- I guess they don't trust us with chopsticks.

Pouring some of that delicious "iron maiden tea" that kept me up so long last night

Mr. Li thought it would be fun for Meggi to help plant a few green onions.  (His mother is smiling on the left.)

No visit is complete without a family photo!

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