Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Afternoon on the Sand

The weather today was perfect so I cleared my afternoon and went to the beach.

It was packed with tourists and tourist groups, but I went to my team's usual spot about a mile down the bike trail and it was relatively quiet.

I just sat there and read, with the strong sun at my back and the cool ocean breeze in front.

Normally there would be nothing blog-worthy about me sitting down with a good book on a beautiful day, but I thought you might want to spy on some beach tourists with me.

I kept hearing periodic little squeals and looked up to see a row of girls standing hand-in-hand in the water, screeching when each tiny new wave hit their ankles.

Here they all cupped their hands and yelled out over the ocean in unison.

There were also plenty of tour groups roaming the beach in their matching tour hats, usually carrying a trowel and plastic pail for collecting stuff.  

This couple set up camp just a few meters away from me.  The girl buried her legs in sand, put her hat on her face, and laid there silently.  The boy used his trowel to dig a giant hole in the sand.  Then they both got up and left.


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