Friday, May 4, 2012

Gloria's Visit

I posted yesterday about our friend Gloria's fog-filled beach excursion with us.  Here are a few more highlights from her weekend in Rizhao.

We found a cake shop with some swings.

Paradise?  (But the cake was typically mediocre.)

Something else we found in University Town.  Can anyone confirm or deny that these are couples' underwear?

Dinner with foreign friends

Gloria at her best -- she loves fish!

Danielle and Megann prepare to devour the fish's eyes


We headed out for some KTV (karaoke).

When no music video was available, they showed random footage behind the lyrics.  Here is "A Whole New World" superimposed on a video of a tour group in the Dead Sea.

Don't you dare close your eyes!

I'll chase them anywhere!

We asked a friend for a restaurant recommendation and ended up at a fancier place than planned.  Here we ate delicious fish, broccoli, veggies, and flat bread.

Mandatory shot by the school gate.


  1. Those captions on the Dead Sea tourists are priceless. You are definitely going to miss China!

    1. I'd say China is one of the least boring places on earth.

    2. I mean, where else can you find couple's underwear, cake-shop swings, fish eyes, and Dead Sea KTV all in one day?