Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This is Tiger Leaping Gorge, Son

Tiger Leaping Gorge is awesome.

The blue river rushes between peaks on both sides, and the path runs high along the mountainside.  Villages and guesthouses dot the way, but it still feels like wilderness.

Somehow this beauty remains largely undiscovered by Chinese tourists, who prefer destinations with easy access, marble stairs, souvenir shops, and tour guides.  I cringe to think what will happen when Chinese tourists one day become interested in Tiger Leaping Gorge.  It will go from a dusty path that can be traveled almost in solitude to a paved road crammed with tourists who don't think twice about chucking trash by the roadside.  Chinese people are wonderful in many ways, but tourism does not bring out their best.

I digress.  Here is Tiger Leaping Gorge in all its current glory when I hiked it earlier this month.  Two days, one night, sore legs, and full hearts.


  1. It does look sunnier in your photos!

  2. Nice photos. So did you take the ladder or the "safe path" ?

    1. I took the path. In my mind, a choice between "safe path" and "ladder" probably means a choice between "safe path" and "dangerous ladder." But what do I know?