Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pre-Travel Random

The washing machine is rumbling away, cleaning my summer clothes.

Semester grades are turned in.

I have half a dozen tabs open on my computer as I try to piece together a travel itinerary.

We'll clean out some leftovers for lunch.

It's Winter Holiday!  The students go home for Spring Festival, the biggest holiday of the year.  I always go to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for my organization's annual teachers' conference, and usually try to hit a few other destinations on the way there and back.  This year, I am excited for:

Finally seeing Guilin, home of some of the best-known scenery in China.
Re-visiting Yunnan province with my roommate and hiking through the beautiful mountains there.
Exploring some new places in Thailand -- including (for the first time) beaches.
Traveling through Laos.

I hope I hope I hope I can get everything done before tomorrow!

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