Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Revisiting Qufu: People & Food Edition

Last weekend, I went back to Qufu for a visit.

Here are some pictures of former students, friends, and favorite restaurants:

Free talk with a favorite former class

Not the best photo, but it shows my former apartment with the foreign teacher who lives there now having a jiaozi party with students and friends.

This noodle dish is apparently called "ants crawling up a tree"

It was fun to run into students I knew walking around campus.

Feng Wei Qiezi -- one of my favorite Qufu dishes

The "Campus Restaurant" -- movin' on up!

Qufu still felt like home after less than five months away.  When I first got into town, I was fondly thinking, "Ah, nothing ever changes in Qufu" -- the same dirty streets, e-bikes and regular bikes everywhere, and students streaming through the East Market.

But one thing changed:  One of our favorite restaurants, featured here in "Where Tasty Food Trumps Tasteful Decor", has moved.  It moved from a grime-covered, germ-infested house of cards to an upstairs space in another building that actually looks like a proper restaurant.  (See the last few pictures above.)

When I asked the proprietor if she remembered me, she said yes and then rattled off a list of my favorite dishes.  It was good to be back. :)

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