Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where Tasty Food Trumps Tasteful Decor

The "Campus Restaurant" is our name for one of our favorite restaurants.  We like it for its good feng wei qieze (eggplant) and a fun meat and potato dish that comes with Qufu's nearest guess at a tortilla.  It's cheap and tasty, and the owners are nice.  However, this place would probably have some trouble meeting health codes in America.  Also food and building codes, now that I think of it.  Care to take a look?


The main dining room upstairs

Notice the little pot at the foot of the table.  This is where you dump your tea after using it to wash your bowl before eating.  The hot water thermos is for refilling your teapot.  Both of these are standard items in Qufu's little restaurants.

Beer bottle hallway

Taking a closer look at the walls

Heading downstairs.  Look straight ahead to see how the building is cobbled together.  Maybe it used to be a one-storey?

For washing dishes?  And hands?  I don't know.

The kitchen

Sink for cleaning fish and vegetables.  One of my favorite Qufu memories happened at this very sink, when an older lady walked up, slammed a huge live fish on the floor to kill it, and then picked it up and started gutting it.

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