Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Revisiting Qufu: Daily Life Edition

Qufu is a great place to take pictures of small-town China life.  I noticed when I was back there last weekend that I saw a lot more people biking than here in Rizhao.  When I lived in Qufu, sometimes I would even get caught up in a bike rush hour around 5:00 p.m.

So here are way too many pictures of my visit to Qufu last weekend.  Students studying among the shrubbery, badminton in the courtyard, Confucius statue by night, ponchos in the rain, East Market vendors, grannies on bikes, little stores, morning aerobics, and card games on the street... It's all here.  Enjoy!

These are all very familiar scenes around my old campus.  Could you figure out what's happening in each picture?  


  1. Great photography, you should really publish these! What was that crazy green/red veggie?

  2. It's some kind of radish. I've eaten it once -- not that tasty.