Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wery Conwenient

I have lived printer-less for the last two years.  When I needed to print something, usually several times a week, I would grab my flash drive and some money, and head out to a copy/print shop where I would put my flash drive in a virus-laden computer and (hopefully) print my stuff.

Well.  That is not so convenient (or, as many of my students say, "conwenient").  

My roommate and I recently invested in a printer, and I have been relishing the joys of printing lesson plans, song sheets, and student handouts straight from home.  Check it out -- 

Check out that China-fabulous ingenuity.  The printer is rigged to use cheap ink that is connected by tubing to the ink cartridge.  I'm pretty sure this isn't how Epson intended things to be.

We've learned our printer is China-fabulous in another way: It only works when it wants to.  Nonetheless, I'm hoping it will want to more and more, and I will continue to enjoy the luxurious life of printing from my own home.

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