Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I See London, I See France

The other day I had a free talk for one of my sophomore classes.
"Free talks," as you know, are times when students can come over and
practice their oral English with me in my home. I never know how many
students in a class are interested... I've had free chats ranging from
1 or 2 students to my new record of 34.

So when 34 students came over the other day, I quickly started pulling
out extra stools and chairs. Chinese people are really good at
fitting a lot of people into a small space. I also let a few of them
sit on the porch, which is open to the living room. We chatted for
awhile and then I let the students mill around.

Later that night, I noticed I still had laundry hanging in the porch,
including a decent selection of underwear (probably seen by at least
half of the 34).

The best part? It doesn't even really matter. In a land without
dryers, clothes are hanging everywhere -- innerwear, outerwear, and
all the layers in between. Earlier this week I saw some underwear
hanging from a tree outside an apartment downstairs.

(But I think I'll still check the porch for unmentionables next time I
have guests.)

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