Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At the Night Market

Every night, vendors come to set up stalls, blankets, and hangers filled with cheap goods on the street outside our campus.

You can buy lots of different things at the night market, but my favorite thing to look at is the clothes -- lots of good styles and stylin' Chinglish.

Last week my roommate and I scored some sweatshirts there for 35 RMB each (about $5).  They're warm, soft, and almost perfect:

In fact, I'm wearing mine now.  (And so is Sara.)  Here are some photos of the night market:

And now, the Chinglish:

You areablessing that myentirebeingh very thankful for I feel thatwe were made tolove,liften, understand and who ouohal taes inow (something) together individually.

Standing at feeling, cuted and all, letters sweeting

Hnppy rhiny is a  worldfamous fashion brand

This is my costume.

Stylish girl scat forever

Not Chinglish, but still stylin'

FACT: H gumes crayy


  1. Haha. That's one of the more confusing ones. By the way, I saw a girl walking through the hall today wearing the "You areablessing" shirt in gray.