Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving Day

I haven't moved yet... but my stuff has.

Yesterday morning, a guy came with a big truck to take a few furniture items, my books and clothes, and our organization's English lending library to the Rizhao campus.  You may recall that I am moving from the town of Qufu to the city of Rizhao next year.  Same province, same university, different campus.

So, my stuff got loaded up into the truck and traveled 3.5 hours east to the coast.  I accompanied it, along with our cigarette-puffing driver and his chatty wife (or sister) who sat behind me and passed a constant stream of breakfast food over my shoulder to the driver.

My stuff got to my future apartment, where my friend Sara arranged for some students to take the stuff up to the third floor.


Me, my future roommate Sara, and our moving helpers in Rizhao

As I type this, my stuff is hanging out with a bunch of other stuff in the room that will be mine next year.   I'm back in my Qufu apartment with the stuff that didn't make the cut for the move.  Weird to think this is my last two weeks in this place.

For the curious:  (Moving Details)
Price:  1700 RMB
Manpower:  Students, foreign teachers, and the driver
How it got arranged:  I talked to the foreign affairs office and they made some calls on both ends
How it got packed:  It's hard to find boxes, so I bought colorful rice bags in the East Market for about 4RMB each.  Not bad except they can't take a lot of weight and they don't protect your stuff.

I've never moved in China before.  No doubt there are ways to do it cheaper or better, but this worked out fairly well and it's nice to have it done.

*Photo Credits: My future teammate Joni

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